This HS2000 was refinished to match the Power Room Decor at the Lau home in California.
HS2000 in California
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Healthy Shelf™

Fight Germs with Healthy Shelf™ hand towel dispenser.
Go green with U.S. Green Seal® 100% Recycled Paper Towels!

only from BlueJays Landing from Our Nest to Yours!


Decorator Paper Hand Towel Dispenser Shelf
Eliminates kitchen and bathroom countertop clutter!
Helps fight household germs!

Healthy Shelf Colors

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Paint/Faux Paint any Healthy Shelf™ easily as seen in this cell phone video sent in by our customer in Illinois who painted her HS2002 Black Traditional .... WHITE!

 The secret? Be sure to use a good primer!


What is it, exactly?

Healthy Shelf™ is a wall-mounted dispenser of commercial-type 9.4in. x 9.4in. or 9.25in. x 9.5in. M-fold (multi-fold) paper towels.
The interlocking individual towels are loaded from the top when lid is removed.

Healthy Shelf hand towel dispenser offers a decor-sensitive way to have multifold paper hand towels at your fingertips in any room of the home, so you can avoid using cloth towels and eliminate the spread of unwanted bacteria. 

Use it to help prevent the spread of germs from cloth hand towels while eliminating counter-top clutter. Convenient one-hand dispensing and a removable top for easy filling and refilling make it ideal for any room or office. Handily, it also functions as a small shelf. Properly installed, this little dispenser shelf will hold up to 10 pounds.  It is great for liquid hand soap, lotion, pretty dishes or bottles, and other decorative items.

Display your pretty towels, and use this attractive paper towel dispenser
for the job paper towels do best:
Fight Household Germs!

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