In Ohio Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices include our best selling white traditional model in their bathrooms. Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices Include HS2001
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Real People Using Healthy Shelf™


Healthy Shelf™

Fight Germs with Healthy Shelf™ hand towel dispenser.
Go green with U.S. Green Seal® 100% Recycled Paper Towels!

only from BlueJays Landing from Our Nest to Yours!


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Decorator Paper Hand Towel Dispenser Shelf
Eliminates kitchen and bathroom countertop clutter!
Helps fight household germs!

Guaranteed functional with no major defects; Most models available
Hanging hardware and small supply of towels included

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Paint/Faux Paint any Healthy Shelf™ easily as seen in this cell phone video sent in by our customer in Illinois who painted her HS2002 Black Traditional .... WHITE!

 The secret? Be sure to use a good primer!


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